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do you ever get in those moods where you don’t feel like reading and you don’t feel like being on the internet and you don’t feel like watching a show and you don’t feel like sleeping and you don’t feel like existing in general

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"dont fight hate with hate" so u admit, u hate us?

"dont fight fire with fire" so u admit, u set the fire?

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"You’d struggle to pour water out of a boot with the instructions on the heel"

God DAMN thats some Shakespearean shit right there

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Because We're More than Eyes and Hair!


I think 90% of writers will agree that in their first drafts of their first pieces, they’d describe a character like “she had blonde hair and green eyes” and leave it at that. I’m guilty of it, I’ll admit. But why not have some great, specific descriptions that flesh out your…

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Biology’s cruel joke goes something like this: As a teenage body goes through puberty, its circadian rhythm essentially shifts three hours backward. Suddenly, going to bed at nine or ten o’clock at night isn’t just a drag, but close to a biological impossibility. Studies of teenagers around the globe have found that adolescent brains do not start releasing melatonin until around eleven o’clock at night and keep pumping out the hormone well past sunrise. Adults, meanwhile, have little-to-no melatonin in their bodies when they wake up. With all that melatonin surging through their bloodstream, teenagers who are forced to be awake before eight in the morning are often barely alert and want nothing more than to give in to their body’s demands and fall back asleep. Because of the shift in their circadian rhythm, asking a teenager to perform well in a classroom during the early morning is like asking them to fly across the country and instantly adjust to the new time zone — and then do the same thing every night, for four years.

Sleep and the teenage brain (via explore-blog)

This is why you have every right to be tired.  

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Researchers now see sleep problems as a cause, and not a side effect, of teenage depression.” - from the artcle! 

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Plain White T’s - Hey there Delilah

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Hard to believe that exactly 9 years ago today, Bones first premièred….and fast forward 9 years later, here we are, going strong into the 10th season, and with the milestone 200th episode coming up! It’s truly amazing how despite all the ups and downs (and the lack of promotion from Fox!), Bones has now become Fox’s longest running drama series. I, for one, couldn’t be more proud of Show.

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because the wind is gonna blow no matter what.

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Ferguson protesters gather for highway shutdown.

Part 2

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  1. I'm in my father's class at my high school. He said this today:
  2. Him: As some of you may not know, I'm a feminist.
  3. class: *laughs*
  4. Him: No, really, I am.
  5. Class: *laughs again*
  6. Him: Why is that funny?
  7. Asshole: Because you're a man, and you shouldn't think that way.
  8. Him: Well why not?
  9. Asshole: I dunno that's just the way that is.
  10. Him: I'm a feminist because of my wife. She and I have the EXACT same job. Yet, I make more than her.
  11. Class: *laughs*
  12. Him: Why is that funny? Shouldn't women be paid equally as men?
  13. Same Asshole: No, they're supposed to be in the kitchen.
  14. Him: *slams fist on asshole's desk* Why?
  15. Asshole: Because that's how it is.
  16. Him: Why?
  17. Asshole: That's their job.
  18. Him: Why?
  19. Asshole: *can't come up with another answer*
  20. Him: I'm a feminist because my wife has the exact same job, gets less pay, and with that, I can barely support my three children. If she got paid as much as me, life would be a bit easier for all of us.
  21. *note, my mother is a teacher like my father*
  22. Him: Women gave birth to us, and now, here in the state of Michigan, they can't even have their own rights? It's 2014 people! Grow up or get out of my class.
  23. Class: *silence*
  24. Him: Now.. Louis XVI

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Emily cracking up at David (x)

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